10 reasons to spend Easter in Mauritius

What better way to spend Easter than to visit Mauritius? There are many reasons why Mauritius is the perfect place to spend your Easter holidays, here are just a few:

  1. Beautiful beaches – Mauritius is famous for its stunning beaches, offering crystal clear blue waters, and powdery white sand, making it the perfect place to relax, dream away the hours, and unwind. And of course, where better to dig for hidden treasures like easter eggs than on the beach?
  2. Great weather – Easter in South Africa normally heralds the start of winter but Mauritius is blessed with a lovely tropical climate all year round, offering warm temperatures and sunshine. What’s more, Easter falls during autumn in Mauritius, making it the perfect place to be, as it’s less hot and humid than during summer but still warm enough to spend your days in the pool!
  3. Cultural experiences – In Mauritius, you will be able to share in the rich cultural heritage of the locals and celebrate Easter in a special and unique way. Experience the vibrant Creole culture while attending local Easter celebrations, like the Good Friday procession in Port Louis.
  4. Scuba diving and snorkelling– Easter is the perfect time for snorkelling and exploring the underwater world because at Easter the sea is calm and the visibility is excellent. If you want to explore even more of the underwater world, Mauritius is also home to some of the world’s best dive sites with many of the top hotels offering on site dive centres with a full range of PADI courses.
  5. Adventure activities – Mauritius offers a wide variety of outdoor adventure activities that the whole family can enjoy. Hiking, quad biking, zip-lining, scuba diving, sailing, deep-sea fishing, water skiing, parasailing, or horseback riding – you name it, you’ll find it in Mauritius. Who wouldn’t love to take in the highlights of Mauritius on a memorable catamaran cruise, with the delightful opportunity for swimming, snorkelling, and even feeding some reef fish?
  6. Wildlife encounters – Mauritius can brag about its abundance of wildlife, such as giant tortoises, dolphins, and so many rare bird species. Easter is the ideal time to combine swimming with dolphins or turtles with whale watching. How thrilling to see all these royalties of the oceans play and perform as if just for you. There are also 155 bird species on the island, of which 28 are endemic.
  7. Delicious cuisine – The different cuisines are the reason why Mauritius is often described as the “melting pot of flavours”. There is really no distinct Mauritian food because it’s a unique combination of the best from different countries like Africa, India, China, and France, all blended together into the most unique and delicious dishes. While you visit Mauritius, you will be able to try a range of dishes, from seafood to curries and street food for the perfect holiday feast.
  8. Relaxing spa treatments – Spending your holidays in Mauritius and you can achieve a new calmness of mind while being pampered and treated at one of the many spas on the island. You will leave feeling absolutely rejuvenated.
  9. Luxury resorts – If you really want to make this Easter a memorable one, Mauritius is home to many luxury resorts which offer world-class facilities and personal service. During Easter these hotels go out of their way to make your and your family’s stay exciting with an endless range of activities to keep you and the kids entertained throughout your stay. Think treasure and Easter egg hunts, family picnics and movie nights, cooking classes and more!
  10. Great special deals – As you can see Mauritius is a great choice for your Easter holiday, offering the perfect blend of relaxation, activity, and good food in the midst of a paradise of white beaches, palm trees, and a turquoise ocean. This Easter, The Holiday Factory has a range of last-minute Easter specials for you to book your dream holiday to Mauritius, including some where kids eat and stay for FREE! Click on the links below to discover some of our best offers now: