An eco-friendly island holiday

Looking to stay at the most Mauritian hotel in Mauritius? A place where you can connect with the locals and make a positive impact during your stay? A place connected to the island environment through food, people, and décor? Then look no further than Attitude hotels whose eco-friendly attitude will provide a unique experience designed to make a difference.


Protecting an island free from plastic

Because Attitude hotels cherish the island of Mauritius on which their hotels are located, they have made a vow to protect it. This includes adopting habits to reduce their impact on the natural world. Since 1 November 2020, Attitude hotels has slashed their use of single use plastics from 3.6 million to zero.

That means no plastic bottles, slippers, cotton swabs, individual packaging for cutlery, keys, garbage bags, or  shower caps. But don’t worry, eco-friendly alternatives have been devised where needed.

Zilwa Attitude

Supporting the local people

Attitude hotels is a true family run business, with the local people of Mauritius at the heart of their business philosophy. 98% of the people that work at Attitude hotels are Mauritians. And when you visit one of their hotels, you can partake in their specially curated Otentik (authentic) Experiences to enjoy a real taste of Mauritian life.

The Ravenala Attitude
Ravenala Attitude

This includes a sail on a traditional pirogue at sunrise with a local fisherman, or dinner with a local family where a local will welcome you into their home for a meal. It’s the perfect chance to learn about the local traditions as you share a special evening together. The best part – the locals benefit from 100% of the cost of the experience.


To help Mauritian start-ups succeed, they have also created Otentik Investments which helps small businesses find financial support.

Buying from local businesses

Attitude hotels also prioritises commercial partnerships with local, eco-responsible businesses. You’ll find made in Mauritius products throughout their hotels, even if there are cheaper imported alternatives available.

Sunrise Attitude

For instance, 72% of the furniture and decorations at Lagoon Attitude and Sunrise Attitude hotel are locally made, 100% Mauritian products are used at the spa, mainly local flowers are used in the hotels, only products made in Mauritius are sold in their hotel shops, and they offer two signature teas from a local tea producer. And buying local they also lower their carbon footprint.

Lagoon Attitude

You can even see products throughout the hotels made from recycled items and if arts and crafts are your thing then join you, and your kids, can join one of the team for an upcycling décor workshop to make some unique items to take home.

Experience Mauritius beyond your resort

When you stay at an Attitude hotel you can experience the real Mauritius. To help you do so, the Attitude team has even created the free Otentik Discovery app. This interactive Mauritius travel guide will help you discover those special places only locals know about.

Follow the maps to the island’s best beaches, drive through remote villages, or follow dirt tracks through sugar cane fields to find stunning views. Delve deeper beyond your resort and discover the culture and incredible beauty the island of Mauritius has to offer.

Recife Attitude

Are you ready to book your next Mauritius holiday with Attitude hotels? Contact us now on 011 233 2300 for expert advise on which is the best resort for your next eco-friendly island holiday!