What to look for in a honeymoon hotel

Everyone dreams of a romantic honeymoon after their wedding. Having some time away from home with your lover, and spending intimate time in an amazing place, is an exceptional way to start your marriage. And for the perfect honeymoon, most of us are willing to splash out on this once-in-a-lifetime getaway.


But of course, you’ll want that money to be well spent and you want to have the most memorable time imaginable.

So what should you look for in a honeymoon hotel?

You’ll want the perfect environment to explore your environment, accompanied by breathtaking experiences and amazing views. Here are five of our top things to look for in a honeymoon hotel:

1. Special experiences: Many of the hotels that The Holiday Factory works in within the Maldives, Mauritius, Zanzibar, and the Seychelles, offer amazing exclusive offers for honeymooners. These can include a complimentary bottle of wine or champagne on arrival, chocolates, special turndown services, discount for a lunch, and romantic candlelight dinners.


2. A romantic honeymoon suite: Of course, you’ll want the best suite for your honeymoon offering plenty of glam and romance. Think amazing views of the sea, four-poster beds, and even your own private pool or jacuzzi. Again, many of the Indian Ocean island hotels we work with at The Holiday Factory will give you a free upgrade when you present your marriage certificate. Overwater villa in the Maldives anyone?


3. Unforgettable dining: Your honeymoon is the perfect time to treat you and your new partner to amazing food and desserts. You’ll want to choose a location where you can dine around at different restaurants during your honeymoon, sampling your favourite cuisines. An all-inclusive package is even better as you can then indulge in the cocktails, wine, and bubbly you want without paying extra. Eating pizza poolside, having room service delivered to your terrace on the water, enjoying sushi on the beach, or having a cheese and wine pairing in a cellar – these are all possible at our properties. You can even enjoy a romantic evening at an underwater restaurant!


4. An otherworldly spa: Spending some time at the spa as a couple will not only allow you to rest and relax but also provide you with some peaceful time to yourselves where you can reflect on your relationship. However, when you’re travelling on your honeymoon, not just any spa will cut it. Look for one that is truly out of this world. Perhaps their treatment rooms hang over the waters of the Maldives or they offer your treatment on a private island in Mauritius? This is all possible with The Holiday Factory.


5. Things to do together: No honeymoon is complete without plenty of memorable experiences. Look for hotels that offer various activities you can enjoy together such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding or even learning to sail. You might also enjoy snorkelling on unspoiled reefs, enjoying a boat trip at sunset, or venturing off in search of dolphins. If you’re particularly adventurous you could even do a beginner’s diving or kitesurfing course on your honeymoon and bond over the shared experience of learning something new.


The best honeymoon hotels in The Indian Ocean:

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