Buyer beware! Why that Zanzibar holiday is too cheap

Here at The Holiday Factory, we pride ourselves on being Zanzibar specialists and we make it our mission to find the very best hotels on the island so that our guests are guaranteed a fabulous time on their vacation. We know how hard you work for your money and so we want to ensure that when you finally splurge on that island holiday you’ve always dreamed of, you get an experience you’ll really remember.


There are however always going to be cheaper deals out there that can look mighty appealing – that is until you start looking into the finer details. Here are some things to remember when looking at cheap Zanzibar holiday packages that look too good to be true:

What’s the hotel like?

Unfortunately, not all hotels in Zanzibar are created equal. We vow never to work with a hotel that we haven’t personally vetted ourselves and all our properties are four and five stars. You’ll want to look for a hotel that has a great reputation, some fabulous dining options, and great activities on site. Be wary of hotels that are too cheap!


Some of our tried and tested properties include the four-star Diamonds Mapenzi Beach Resort which is one of the most established hotels on the island and remains an excellent and affordable choice with an all-inclusive offering, and the five star Gold Zanzibar which is a luxury paradise located on a magnificent stretch of beach on Zanzibar’s North West Coast. The stunning Sea Cliff Resort and Spa is also highly recommended. This luxury resort is situated on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean with a panoramic view.


What’s the beach like?

Zanzibar is well known for its tides which can leave some beaches without water for a few hours each 24 hour period. The East side of the island is the most affected by tides while the Northern side is the least. Many hotels turn this into a highlight offering tours of the uncovered sea floors where you can spot many of the ocean’s creatures while getting wet – it all depends how innovative your hotel is! Also, some beaches on the island can experience quite dense seaweed which is not very nice to swim in while others are well known for hosting parties and should be steered clear of if you are looking for a relaxing family getaway.


Some of our favourite Zanzibar resorts for great beaches include the five-star Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa which is located on a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach and offers an exotic feel and its sister resort the Sultan Sands Island Resort which too offers an idyllic beach position. The five-star Tui Blue Bahari is also located directly on the picture-perfect sandy beach and nestled in an exotic garden full of palm trees. We also love the four-star all-inclusive Sandies Baobab that is located on a stunning beach that is unaffected by the changing tides so you can take full advantage of swimming in the crystal waters at any time of the day.


What’s included?

When looking at cheap package holidays to Zanzibar it’s worth taking note of what is and isn’t included. Some packages include breakfast only which means that you could be forking out quite a lot of extra money for lunch, dinner, and drinks. Also, some hotels don’t include many inclusive activities which means you’ll be paying extra each time you want to take out a kayak, or go for a snorkel.


Here at The Holiday Factory we always look for great deals that offer you as much bang for your buck as possible and we have some fabulous all-inclusive hotel packages in Zanzibar. The five-star Riu Palace Zanzibar is a favorite of ours. This hotel is located on a spectacular white beach with a unique landscape considered to be among the finest in the world with great all-inclusive offerings including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks including premium branded drinks and a stocked minibar in your room.


When can you travel?

When looking at Zanzibar package holidays always take note of the travel dates. Some cheap holiday packages give you very specific travel dates that can’t be altered even by a few nights. Others offer holidays in the offseason. While Zanzibar offers good weather for most of the year the best time to visit is between June and October as this is the dry season. January to March is quite hot and humid although the days are sunny and it is a great time of year for snorkelling.


If snorkelling and diving is your thing, another favorite of ours includes the Melia Zanzibar which is a five-star all-inclusive property located on a 40-acre estate with a 300 metre long beach of white sand that is great for snorkelling.


Is the price actually the price?

The next time you see a great holiday advertised online, always enquire for an accurate quotation. Unfortunately, sometimes the prices advertised online aren’t actually what you will get at the end of the day. Here at The Holiday Factory we always ensure that the prices on our site are updated regularly so that the price is you see is very close to, if not exactly the same, as the quote you will receive.

Also, be sure to note if the advertised price is for four or seven nights. While a four-night holiday to Zanzibar will certainly be cheap you’ll spend more time travelling than actually enjoying the beach, and that doesn’t sound like much of a holiday.


Do you get after-sale support?

In this day and age you’ll want to be able to pick up the phone and chat with a real human should something go wrong on your holiday. That’s why we have a dedicated 24/7 support line so that you can give us a call whenever you want with whatever questions you have to make your holiday run smoother.


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