Holiday Factory sponsors Mauritius’ #1 Golfer

Holiday Factory, together with Heritage Resorts, are proud sponsors of Pierre Pellegrin, who recently won the MCB Indian Ocean Open, qualifying for the prestigious AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open, as the only Mauritian in the field.

Mauritius born and now residing in South Africa, Pierre started his professional golfing career at a young age when he competed in the All Africa Juniors in 2015 (Zambia) at just 16 years old. A year later he Captained the team, competing in the All Africa Amateur Champs the following year and placing 5th in Indian Ocean Amateur. He has also won the The Golf School of Excellence (TGSE) Cycle Championship numerous times, been part of the team that placed 2nd at the All Africa Championships, and won the Namibian Open, amongst various other achievements.

But beyond just being a great golfer and inspiring personality, it’s Pierre’s passion for his home country of Mauritius that is evident on the course. We recently sat down with Pierre to find out just what it is about golf and this Indian Ocean island that holds so much appeal:

HF: What do you love about Mauritius?
PP: What I like the most about Mauritius is the sea, the sand and the beaches. I love the island and coastal vibe! On top of that, I love the Mauritian cuisine coming from every religion.

HF: What’s your favourite thing about golf?
PP: I love the fact that you cannot reach “perfection” in golf. I don’t believe that “practice makes perfect” but I think that “practice makes improvement”. This sport allows me to be the best version of myself every day. Also, with golf I get to travel a lot and see all kinds of different landscapes and meet a lot of new people.

HF: What makes Mauritius a great place to play golf?
PP: I think that we have absolutely magnificent golf courses in Mauritius situated in all kinds of areas such as coasts, mountains and forest. Golf in Mauritius is always an experience wherever you go as you always play surrounded by nature and amazing landscapes.

HF: Which is your favourite golf course in Mauritius?
PP: Without a doubt, Heritage Golf Club. I cannot wait for the second golf course to open next year.

HF: What is the best way for families to introduce their children to golf?
PP: In golf like in every sport or in life in general, I believe that you shouldn’t force a child to do things but instead parents are there to guide them. So, I would say that they should introduce them with group lessons with other kids so that they are in a fun and jovial atmosphere. Golf can be boring sometimes for kids so you always need to find a way to entertain them. Introducing them on holiday is a great place to start.


HF: What three things do you need to be good at Golf?
PP: My motto is “Stay humble but stay greedy”. I think you should always stay humble in defeat and in victory. But, as a competitor, I am always willing to learn and improve so the greedy aspect is for me not a default. The last thing you need is resilience because golf is a game of mistakes so most of the time you need to deal with bad shots. Being resilient allows you to refocus and always move forward whatever had happened, happens or will happen.